Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Looking forward to 2015. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Copyright © 2014 Felix Choo / dingobear photography.  All rights reserved; photo may not be reproduced without permission.

It's been about 18 months since the felix's daily starfish and waffles was last active Like almost everyone else in the blogosphere, we've been preoccupied with the other things of life.  That said, the editor wanted me to throw up a post before the end of the year to ensure the continuation of starfish and waffles' streak of publishing posts in 10 consecutive calendar years.  I suppose we've been here for a long time. There's much to catch up on, but rest assured, things are beautiful and true as we look forward with optimism toward 2015.

Wherever you are tonight, we wish you the best of the New Year.

And as always, more starfish and waffles to come.