Tuesday, August 07, 2012

six ways from sunday: sleeping satellites

Carry the world on your back.  Cloud Gate, Millennium Park, Chicago.  (2012).  Camera: Panasonic DMC-GF2.  Lens: Lumix G 14mm f2.5 ASPH Pancake.

It's half-past blue hour, but the air still hangs heavy over Millennium Park after the swelter of a humid, hundred-degree day.  Undeterred, crowds of locals and tourists alike play in squares and spaces, late into the night.

I'm in it, snapping pictures, freezing small moments here and there.

This is summer in the city - and Chicago, has to be among America's finest.  Of all the art and architecture, character and life, it's the friendly energy of the people that keeps me buzzing as sleeping satellites blink across the heights of a cloudless, midnight sky.

If only summer could last forever.

Six Ways from Sunday is felix's daily starfish and waffles' regular feature music column. Your mix tape with a theme, clicking on the active links below lead you to full-length, third-party, YouTube tracks of the day's musical selections.

1. Help Yourself :: Sad Brad Smith :: Up in the Air (2009).   Kind of sadcore, yet hopeful.  Kind of acoustic, yet electronic.  Yup, sounds like standard Six Ways from Sunday fare to us.

2. The Promise :: When In Rome :: When In Rome (1988).  What? You mean this catchy, New Wavy number actually existed before Napoleon Dynamite?

3. The Tide Pulls from the Moon :: William Fitzsimmons :: Gold in the Shadow (2011).  Incredibly tight and refined, with no wasted bars and notes, like seemingly all of Fitzsimmons' tracks.  Also a beautifully shot music video.

4. Ho Hey :: The Lumineers :: The Lumineers (2011).  Credit KW over at the Wren's House for giving us the heads up on this would-be sleeper.

5. Still :: Great Lake Swimmers :: Lost Channels (2009).  The Great Lake Swimmers personify Canadian indie folk-pop - still.  The Great Lake Swimmers are underrated - still.  The Great Lake Swimmers are one of our favourites - still.

6. The Leisure Lost :: Reverie Sound Revue :: Reverie Sound Revue (2009).  Paradoxically sultry and sleek all at the same time, the last minute-and-a-half of this track will leave you spellbound, especially when driving through the city at night.

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