Sunday, April 10, 2011

six starfish and waffles

The timeless editor of felix's daily starfish and waffles.

And today, felix's daily starfish and waffles turns six.

Six years is a long time. A lot of people have come and gone, and whether we're still here is a mark of resilience or a sign that life's pageantries have passed us by remains an open question.

Maybe, the answer is, it's a little bit of both.

Pictures and writing grow sparse in the interim, as we try to break down this groggy existence into a few, tangible principles. This is never easy - even if somewhere, we hold to the hope that a better tomorrow is really ever just another day away.


  1. vintage Peanut, I like. I like a lot. (^o^)

  2. The editor thanks you! (^o^)