Sunday, November 21, 2010

six ways from sunday: the law of small numbers

The legendary editor of starfish and waffles enjoys the season's last slice of watermelon in this authentic Polaroid re-creation of maybe what's my favourite home photo. Edmonton, Canada. (2010).

The law of small numbers states that observations made from small samples don't necessarily reflect reality at large or the larger reality ... yet, live through enough of these cold and dreary Novembers, and you start to wonder if things could ever be any different. I suppose there's a special kind of irony in having faith that the objectivity of the math will hold, even when the results of immediate past experience would seem to indicate otherwise. Call it paint-by-numbers, bigger picture thinking.

Friday, we walked several city blocks in the -20C chill to split a giant wrap at the popular Zuppa Café, beating the lunchtime rush by mere minutes. Halfway through our meal, she - the one who was responsible for starting all of this starfish and waffles business in the first place, even before the editor and Sweden and simulated Felix and Six Ways from Sunday - walked into the restaurant from out of the early winter cold.

"That was random," Thea said, looking up from her side dish of maple-glazed, watermelon-and-pineapple pasta salad.

Did things just get interesting?

I guess that's a matter of perspective. So happens, I never stop to say hi. So happens, I don't think she even sees me. And so happens, I don't really regret any of this.

Six Novembers later, what's changed is I see just how much things have changed. The math suggests that the prospects of the future are bigger than the memories of the past ... and six Novembers later, I hope I'm the better for it.

Six Ways from Sunday is felix's daily starfish and waffles' regular feature music column. Your mix tape with a theme, clicking on the active links below lead you to full-length, third-party, YouTube tracks of the day's musical selections.

1. The Power Is On :: The Go! Team :: Thunder, Lightning, Strike (2004). A hand-clapping, toe-tapping, head-bobbing exclamation point of indie Britpop. (!)

2. The Light Is You :: Said the Whale :: Howe Sounds / Taking Abalonia (2008). A brilliant, summery riff to make you forget those cold, November nights.

3. You and I :: Ingrid Michaelson :: Be OK (2008). Super cute song from a super cute girl, but what clinched this track's inclusion on this playlist is this photo of Miss Michaelson chomping on a slice of watermelon. It bears a striking resemblance to the this post's headline photo, no?

4. In the New (Floor Mix) :: Reverie Sound Revue :: Reverie Sound Revue EP (2009). Of Broken Social Scene's many related musical acts and offshoots, dare we say that RSR makes the best music of them all. At the very least, it's the sexiest ... with this track being Exhibit A.

5. Sweet Pea :: Amos Lee :: Supply and Demand (2006). Really that simple. Really that good.

6. From the Morning :: Nick Drake :: Pink Moon (1972). I can't tell if this song is hopeful or depressing, but there's no denying that it's as beautiful as they come.


  1. That's a perfect watermelon bite. I'm happy you got one before Kevin and the other rider fans bought them all to wear on their heads this weekend.

  2. Watermelon!
    PS- Those Rider fans are nuts.