Sunday, October 31, 2010

rip the universe

Delighted with Takashimaya fish pastries. Singapore, Singapore. (2010).

Blistering heat, blinding sun, and Yan and Sherm, good friends from another time, meet my arrival in last stop Singapore. Carefree exploring on foot of southeast Asia's crossroads city-state follow. These are simply happy days, but unbeknownst to me at the time, they'll turn out to be the summer's last.

In the three months since, finding the right words has often been difficult, as testament by the slowing trickle of posts here on starfish and waffles. Lately, not even the editor's been very hard on me.

In time, I gather this freeze, too, thaws. For now, I'll just continue to defer and let the pictures do the talking.

Esplanade, with tourist ferries whizzing by on Marina Bay. Singapore, Singapore. (2010).

Singapore, new and old, with the stupendous Marina Bay Sands rising in the distance and the iconic Singapore Merlion anchoring the foreground. Singapore, Singapore. (2010).

Classic Ann Siang Hill. Singapore, Singapore. (2010).

Apparently happy about Temple Street. Singapore, Singapore. (2010).

Thumb-sucker. Singapore, Singapore. (2010).

Blue-eyed cat. Singapore, Singapore. (2010).

Electric Clarke Quay. Singapore, Singapore. (2010).

Intricate Hindu carvings grace the gopuram at the Sri Mariamman Temple. Singapore, Singapore. (2010).

Chinatown bookshop. Singapore, Singapore. (2010).