Sunday, August 08, 2010

time machine

Coconut palm. South Mission Beach, Australia. (2010).

I leave western Canada on a rainy Monday night ... and arrive in tropical north Queensland late on a Wednesday afternoon. Long flight, maybe, but what I really think is that I've discovered the elusive secret of time travel!

Julian is there to pick me up from the airport of the future in Cairns. I've come all this way for his wedding and, somehow, it seems fitting that I arrive one year to the day I left Sweden, given that he was one of my closest friends during starfish and waffles' European adventures.

"It's good to see you," I say, smiling, while shaking his hand.

Jetlag or otherwise, the next few days are a bit of a blur. Still, I recall plenty of friends, family, and food ... and of course the beautiful ceremony on the beach at Etty Bay.

After the wedding commotion, I ask Hanna, the happy bride, how she's doing.

"I'm enjoying being married to Julian so much," she beams, "... this is even better than marrying him yesterday." No way anyone could wipe the smile off her face on this day.

And there it is. For all of life's big events, funny how it's the non-descript moments of such splendid realization, which seem to resonate most.

When it comes to happiness like this, may time move just a little slower.

Down the aisle. Etty Bay, Australia. (2010).

The happy couple. Etty Bay, Australia. (2010).

Bridesmaid parasol portrait. Etty Bay, Australia. (2010).

Morning in the tropics. Cairns, Australia. (2010).

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