Sunday, August 15, 2010

the city

Night skyline from Darling Harbour. Sydney, Australia. (2010).

And ten years to the day, I return to Sydney.

While the city is still undoubtedly world-class, the circumstances are different this time and, consequently, so is the feel.

I see the Opera House here and the Harbour Bridge there, but the awestruck wow of the backpacker from a decade ago is replaced instead by a quiet appreciation of the spectacle under the night's lights ... as if all of this is simply as it should be, with nothing more and nothing less.

Maybe years of travel have blunted my enthusiasm. Maybe I'm just getting old.

I'm eating late dinner with Linda, my old roommate from Lund and native Sydneysider, under the stars at the Opera Bar. Being in the thick of Australian winter, it's a chilly 6C outside, but it doesn't matter much to me.

It's just nice to catch up with a friend that I've missed ... to talk about life in the 13 months since I last saw her, and the hope for the future.

Looking out over Sydney's magnificent harbour, I think of the distances travelled just to be here ... and the distances left to go.

Maybe there's a wow in this after all.

Linda at the Opera Bar. Sydney, Australia. (2010).

Sydney Harbour. Sydney, Australia. (2010).

Rainbow Lorikeet. Sydney, Australia. (2010).

The Bondi faithful. Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia. (2010).

Koala at the Taronga Zoo. Sydney, Australia. (2010).

Tasmanian Devil. Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia. (2010).

Meerkats! ... keeping warm on a winter's day. Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia. (2010).

Best view in Sydney. Sydney, Australia. (2010).


  1. Great pictures as per usual!

  2. Australia! So jealous :) I hope you had a wonderful trip. By the looks of it, you did.