Sunday, June 13, 2010

it's a small world after all

Small kryptonite. Devon, Canada. (2010). A Malachite butterfly (Siproeta stelenes) drinks the nectar from some tiny flowers.

At long last, sunny rays beam down and warm the days of June - maybe, even in time, to mend the crumbling story (hope?) of the bigger picture. Somehow, we've been here before, and acting surprised doesn't quite seem to be the better course of action.

I turn in and concentrate on capturing the consequences of little things - whether through a viewfinder and mirror box or, ultimately, otherwise.

Best efforts be damned.

Back home, I drink a clear cane soda (pop), and look under the cap.

Small fortune, behold: telling, of better days to come.

Rusty. Devon, Canada. (2010). A Leopard Lacewing (Cethosia cyane) at the Devonian Botanic Garden.

Greensleeves. Devon, Canada. (2010). A Tailed Jay (Graphium agamemnon) in spectacular display.

Stretch. Devon, Canada. (2010). I'm having trouble identifying this species; if you know what kind of butterfly this is, please drop me a line.

Purple heart. Devon, Canada. (2010).


  1. I love the pics!!! Don't like the sadness.

  2. :(

    But thanks for the compliment on the pictures, Donna.