Sunday, April 25, 2010

six ways from sunday: sayonara, salaryman

Inching ever-closer to karōshi, there's little time for commentary this Sunday. Just let the music play, says the editor - and let the chips fall as they may.

Wish me luck.

Buffalo stance. Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Canada. (2009).

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As always, happy listening.

1. Walking Around Waiting Downtown :: Reverie Sound Revue :: Reverie Sound Revue EP (2009). That Lisa Lobsinger is sure some kind of awesome. "It's like suddenly with something we're found out / While walking around waiting downtown."

2. Ten Thousand Lines :: Electric President :: Electric President (2006). Yup. Goddamnit. "They've got your name. They've got your number. / They've got your hopes, your dreams, your future. / They've got your loved ones by the throat / And soon enough they'll let you know."

3. The Bleeding Heart Show :: The New Pornographers :: Twin Cinema (2005). What, too much? "We quit the room / Quit so our thoughts could rest / Rest them, I'll never move? / That's when we grab a hold /Of whatever it is we fell into."

4. Look Up :: Stars :: Heart (2003). Good song, strange manga. "You're cold, maybe you just missed the sun / You fall, feeling like it's just begun / So far keeping it together's been enough / But look up: rain is falling, looks like love."

5. Chromakey Dreamcoat :: Boards of Canada :: The Campfire Headphase (2005). Can anyone make out what those voices are saying at the end of the track? If so, let me know.

6. Anyone :: Weeping Tile :: Eepee (1995). Reaching back, 15 years now. "I can see it in your eyes / You are still following that same line / It shouldn't come as a surprise / I said my love is kind, but not always that kind."


  1. am i reading something into this post? is it sayonara, salaryman?

    btw, that boards of canada track is a winner.

  2. I was thinking more in the lines of a heart attack or possibly a brain aneurysm.

    Ahhh, at least BoC calms my nerves. Now that's therapy.