Friday, December 11, 2009

cold fusion

Icy deep freeze. Edmonton, Canada. (2009).

Freshly fallen snow fills space in the western Canadian deep freeze, now 30 below and still sliding. It's night. But then again, here, it's always night. Days are short as office hours are long, and sun comes at a premium - in any context, really.

Catalyzing energy from this icy empty is a bit like cold fusion, trying to make something out of nothing. Anyone have a spark? If so, please apply within.

Wintertime in the city. Edmonton, Canada. (2009).


  1. Wow, is that at the Leg? We'll have to go this weekend when it's warmer.

  2. That's right Cori, it's in front of the Leg. Take a look before it melts!

    By the way, congrats on the great news! :o)