Saturday, October 31, 2009

six ways from sunday: another time, another place

Anna's globe. Lund, Sweden. (2008).

"Baaaa-aaa!" I called out, down in the direction of the sure-footed mountain goats on the cliffs below.

Ironically, I felt sheepish when Myra, my Californian travel buddy, pointed out that goats didn't make that sound.

We were in Byron Bay, hiking the winding path up to the Cape Byron Lighthouse, the most-easterly point in Australia. I remember the blue of the Pacific. I remember the rippling patterns of the waves.

That was more than nine years ago. There's no good reason for me to be thinking about Australia now, not at 4am when I should be sleeping and dreaming of other things. But there you go.

Another time, another place.

The Cape Byron Lighthouse, Byron Bay, Australia. This goregeous multi-exposure HDR photo was taken and processed by Jose Alfonso Palad, and is published here on felix's daily starfish and waffles under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic license.

Six Ways from Sunday is felix's daily starfish and waffles' resident music column. Your mix tape with a theme, clicking on the active links below lead you to full-length, third-party, tracks of the day's musical selections.

As always, happy listening.

1. Stars All Seem To Weep :: Beth Orton :: Pass in Time (2003). According to legend, Orton showed up at the studio, threw down this hauntingly captivating track in one take, and left. Ben Watt, of Everything But The Girl and Buzzin' Fly fame, on the synthesizer. "I think about you on a moonlit night / And the stars all seem to weep. / When there's so much to lose / There's never any time for sleep."

2. Do It Now :: Dubtribe Sound System :: Baggage (2003). The disco song to end all disco songs. Lyrics kick in somewhere past four minutes. "You say you're lonely / Don't care anymore / Emptiness abounds / And love surrounds / The hole besides your heart."

3. Unspoken :: Four Tet :: Rounds (2003). No words here. Just hit repeat on the player and drift off to another time, another place.

4. Day's End :: DJ Krush, featuring Kazufumi Kodama :: 漸 -Zen- (2001). In the Six Ways From Sunday universe, Hideaki Ishii (a.k.a. Krush) is Tokyo's finest at 33 1/3 rpm. Kazufumi Kodama on jazz trumpet.

5. Meiso (Da Beatminerz Remix) :: DJ Krush, featuring Black Thought and Malik B. :: Another Maze (1996). Just clap your hands to the beat. "Yin for yang, I walk on a line / Between ghetto slang and stimulation of the mind / Life is a labyrinth for dollars and cents."

6. Final Straw :: R.E.M. :: Around the Sun (2004). Simmering defiance, growing anger, bulletproof conviction. Rare activist candor in an indifferent age. "I raise my voice up higher / And I look you in the eye / And I offer love with one condition / With conviction, tell me why / Tell me why."

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