Sunday, November 15, 2009

domo arigato, mr. roboto

November is bad poetry month here at felix's daily starfish and waffles - yay! Lucky you. On tap for today: the haiku, a poetic form universally appreciated much like other popular Japanese exports such as sushi, superior electronics, and Hello Kitty. Hai, sugoi!

Torii in the mud flats at Itsukushima-jinja (Itsukushima Shrine) in Miyajima, Japan. (2002). I suppose this picturew would've been more interesting had I waited for high tide.

Retro Music
80's. So bad, it's
Good. Dōmo arigatō,
Mr. Roboto!

Helpful Winter Advice
Det snöar! Men det
Är inte vitt snö. Varning!
Ät inte gul snö.

By the Sea
Par la plage venteuse,
Rendez-vous, sous les étoiles.
Vous, je me souviens.

The Good Life
Vino Toscano.
Vino, grappa, vino, sì!
La dolce vita.

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