Sunday, August 02, 2009

the far side

Sandals Simrishamn. (2009).

Pinkish in hue and coarse to the touch, the sand at Simrishamn somehow differs than anywhere else I'll find along the three coasts of peninsular Skåne ... and dare I say that I like it best.

Off come the sandals.

The pink sand scorches the soles of my feet in a dear-God-I'm-walking-on-fire! kind of way ... or at least until I can't take it any longer. For relief, I wade into the cold waters of the big blue Baltic, and retrace my steps back to the centre of town along the arc of the half-moon bay.

Good therapy, this.

A bay in the shape of a half-moon. Simirishamn, Sweden. (2009).

The medieval church, Sankt Nikolai Kyrka. Simrishamn, Sweden. (2009).

Cobblestones and colourful houses dot Stora Rådmansgatan in Simrishamn, Sweden. (2009).

Simrishamn station. (2009).

Going circular by the quay. Simrishamn, Sweden. (2009).

A real photographer would have patiently photographed the three scoops of raspberry, strawberry, and pomegranate sorbet before eating it. Judging from the picture, I think you know where my priorities lie. Österlens Café, Simrishamn, Sweden. (2009).

Anyone know what the "TID" stands for? Stortorget in Kristianstad, Sweden. (2009).

Earlier in the summer, seven of us rented a cherry red mini-bus for a roadtrip around Skåne. Here's a snapshot of our primary driver, Markus, right before he drove us into a tree. Photo taken by Linda. Södra Mellby, Sweden. (2009).

Scanian lake country. Vombsjön, Sweden. (2009). Sidebar: I think the direct translation of "Vombsjön" in English is "Uterus Lake", which would make it the best-named lake in Sweden.

Linda is mesmerized by the "secret world of the apple." This could only be Kivik, Sweden. (2009).

Crazy kids on the grounds of Kronovalls Slott. Fågeltofta, Sweden. (2009).

Lone flower. Stenshuvuds Nationalpark, Sweden. (2009).

Dorothee and Juhan co-operate (or "cooperate" for those of you, Jonna, who prefer to shop at that other grocery store instead of ICA) to build the most pathetic sand castle I've ever seen. Stenshuvuds Nationalpark, Sweden. (2009).

Ales Stenar is Sweden's very own mysterious version of Stonehenge. Call me a skeptic, but based on my keen powers, if I do say so myself, of observation (note the metal hinge, holding the tall rock on the right together), I tend to be of the belief that Ales Stenar was purpose-built in the middle of this cow pasture by the Swedish government as part of an elaborate inside joke :) Kåseberga, Sweden. (2009).


  1. "Tid" just means "Time". I don't understand the significance, how odd.

  2. Ha, thanks for the translation, Blake. Should've known that one.

  3. hej, i just bumped into your blog, while looking for pictures of stenshuvuds nationalpark... you took very cool photos, thanks for sharing! i live in stockholm and was thinking of a short trip in that area in mid-may. well, your pix persuaded me to go!

  4. Hejhej Giusi, thanks for stopping in. :)

    Thanks for your kind compliment. I can definitely recommend Stenshuvuds and Österlen in general; it's a beautiful little corner of the world. Hope you have a great time there!