Wednesday, August 05, 2009

the one and only

Welcome to Förslöv, Sweden. (2009).

It's not so much that she openly dared me to go. But the funny way Jonna said "Förslöv"... with thick Skånska accent and all ... well, I just felt I kind of had to go. And I did.

"You want to go where?" asks the driver of the empty yellow bus in Ängelholm.

"Förslöv," I repeat. I add that I'm a travel photographer who needs shots of Förslöv.

He laughs at me, possibly in disbelief.

"Okay, get on. I'll let you know when we get there."

Thirty minutes later, we stop at a non-descript intersection in front of a non-descript ICA supermarket across the street from a non-descript wheat field.

"Welcome to central Förslöv!" announces the the bus driver in grand, sarcastic tone. Funny guy, this bus driver.

I hop off. Hmmm, Förslöv. Fine, so maybe there's not much to see, but I'm still glad I came. Besides, there is an ICA here ... and that ought to make any person happy, which I am.


On the bus in Ängelholm, Sweden. (2009).

A view of Lund, Sweden, from the Lund University Geocentrum Skyroom. (2009). Look closely and you can see the Hansa-inspired architecture of Hjärup's Jakriborg district in the distance. If you really squint your eyes, you can see Santiago Calatrava's Turning Torso in Malmö ... and even all the way to the Öresund Bridge which connects Sweden to Denmark.

Nothing says "quadruple bypass" like one of Julian's homemade burgers. Lund, Sweden. (2009). Yet, let me personally attest that these burgers are completely worth it, myocardial infarction or not.

On the balcony with Annica. Malmö, Sweden. (2009).

Cottonlawn. Båstad, Sweden. (2009).

Blue jeans, blue house, blue sky. Båstad, Sweden. (2009).

City by the bay. Båstad, Sweden. (2009).


  1. You must have gotten to know all the little Skåne towns better than I ever would. I never made it to most of these places, the metropolis of Förslöv included.

  2. Blake ... I guess that's maybe a consequence of being in possession of a Skånetrafiken sommarkortet and, more importantly, knowing more Swedes this year who were always ready with good tips. Förslöv really is ... something. Kind of like Klippan. And Bromölla.

    Mashed Swede ... Indeed. My arteries are still recovering and I look forward to the next one.