Sunday, August 09, 2009


Movin' on "upp" at Liseberg in Göteborg, Sweden. (2009).

The train from Varberg is packed to the brim and it's sardines-in-a-can all the way to Göteborg - or Gothenburg, as it's otherwise known in English.

Göteborg (population: 622,827) is Sweden's second city, and projects a more down-to-Earth energy than, say, Stockholm, its glitz-and-glam rival to the east. Göteborg just feels real, and immediately upon arrival, I like it here.

Jonna had taken the train up with Lotte earlier in the weekend for a birthday party, and together with Sami, a local, I have three Swedish guides for the afternoon. Pretty sweet deal.

We only have four hours before the last train leaves for Skåne, so time is short (there's that recurring theme again). On the docket: a walk down the Avenyn (the Avenue), Göteborg's main central boulevard; a requisite stop at the Triumf Glass ice cream factory on Bruksgatan for a couple of scoops; and a visit to the excellent amusement park, Liseberg.

Good day. Check another destination off the list.

Ticket to ride. Liseberg, Göteborg, Sweden. (2009).

"Farfars bil" on the "Avenyn". Göteborg, Sweden. (2009).

Lotte, Jonna, and Sami. Götaplatsen, Göteborg, Sweden. (2009).

Escalator. Liseberg, Göteborg, Sweden. (2009).


  1. Men hallå, where are all the melting-ice-cream-pictures?! Is the editor trying to hide something here?

  2. I assure you, the editor has nothing to hide ... and suggests that maybe the photographer was too busy eating his own, fast-melting ice cream to get any good, usable pictures to publish here! ;-)