Friday, August 07, 2009

broken records

Frida, Markus, and the captivating Hallands coast. Varberg, Sweden. (2009).

Distance makes daytripping it to Göteborg from Lund a bit of a rush job under the best of circumstances, and relying on Skånetrafiken's reduced summer schedule introduces further complications. Still, the logistics of it don't matter; spending what time's left with important people do. Easy decision. Sunday morning, I get on the first train heading north, without much of a thought.

Before Göteborg, however, a pit stop in Varberg is due. Frida and Markus are from there, and I can't turn down the offer of a quick, cup-o'-coffee tour. Markus meets me at the train station, and we stroll through town along the harbour, the beach, and then up the hill to the heavily-touristed Varberg Fortress, where Frida works. The sun breaks through the clouds, making for a nice view of the Hallands coast from the top.

Varberg in 90 minutes or less, after a fast lunch it's back on the train and on towards Göteborg.

"You'll be back," Markus predicts from the train platform. "See you later."

I sure hope so.

Sea, sun, and friends in the Swedish summer. If you're a regular reader of starfish and waffles, I'm pretty sure, by now, this all sounds like a broken record. But be that as it may, this music is just something I can't grow tired of - not now, and let's hope, not ever.

Market Square, within the walls of the Varberg Fortress. Varberg, Sweden. (2009).

A Swedish knight. Varberg, Sweden. (2009).

Not just an expert on European politics, Markus is also a connoisseur of the fine arts. Varberg, Sweden. (2009).

The beach. Varberg, Sweden. (2009).

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