Saturday, July 18, 2009


Quirks and quarks at the Botanical Gardens. Lund, Sweden. (2009).

Consciously or not, the switch flips and the lights go on. And poof! so many hours vanish into thin air just like that, lost to vivid daydreams of another time, another place.

I've never been sure whether possessing a good memory is a blessing or a curse. After all, there's an inherent loneliness in always being the last to hold onto shared memories, happy as they may be.

Will you remember this?

Last one to leave, don't forget to turn off the lights.

A sky to remember. Lomma, Sweden. (2009).

Tilting at windmills. Häljarp, Sweden. (2009).

Picture postcard sensibilities. Lund, Sweden. (2009).

(Day)dreaming of the midnight sun. Lomma, Sweden. (2009). One of my favourite photos.


  1. A good memory IS a blessing, nohing else. Take care of all your beautiful memories and wonderful pictures. I will remember too and more people with me.

    The world will keep on spinning and time will too, but that is the beauty with it!

    Don't forget to see what is right in front of you, even if the light might not always be there. Take care now.


  2. J, of course you're right ... and even though I know that it's true, it's still nice to hear it from you.

    Talk soon.