Monday, July 27, 2009

mr. brightside

A high ceiling. Helsingborg, Sweden. (2009).

Tuesday morning, Helsingborg sparkles like a pearl in the sun. We whisk through the waterfront Espresso House to grab a couple of syrup-infused Frapinos to go.

"There's still lots of time," Sarah sympathetically offers in half-smile, between sugary sips of caffeine down by the boardwalk.

"Yup," I agree, even though a part of me somehow can't, given the circumstances. After all, the calendar is no longer working in my favour.

Weeks later, when denial fades and reality sets, I'll remember Sarah's admirable disposition for always trying to see the sunnier side of things ... and appreciate it, lots.

Weeks later, when it looks like recovery may take awhile, I'll at least be thankful that there was something worth recovering in the first place.

Mr. Brightside, indeed.

Dunkers tranquility. Norra Hamnen, Helsingborg, Sweden. (2009).

Green-tinted sunset. Jonna would say "photoshopped". I would say "developed". Semantics, really. :-) Helsingborg, Sweden. (2009).

Central Helsingborg, as glimpsed from the fortress of Kärnan. (2009).

Deck chairs and boardwalks. Helsingborg, Sweden. (2009).

Coast guard. Helsingborg, Sweden. (2009).

You can't beat city hall. Helsingborg, Sweden. (2009).

Reflections. Helsingborg, Sweden. (2009).

Sarah, my favourite Helsingborg-based partner in crime. Tropical Beach, Helsingborg, Sweden. (2009).


  1. Very picturesque ... baby bear says "I want to eat more peanuts!"