Tuesday, July 21, 2009

free float

Customary postcard shot of the Grand Hotel overlooking the striking little town of Mölle, Sweden. (2009).

Wake up, point to a spot on the map, and just go ... this is travel the starfish and waffles way in Summer 2009. On tap for today: Kullahalvön, or the Kulla Peninsula, in English.

"Why?" you ask.

Because I pointed to it on the map. See? I wasn't making it up. This is really how I'm doing things, and I make no apologies.

Years later, when I go bald, drive a convertible, and date a 21-year old because of my mid-life crisis, I will probably wax poetic about these unencumbered, free-floating days of my quarter-life crisis in Sweden.

Haha, bet you can't wait to hear about the stories then.

Similar Grand Hotel shot, but this time with a beagle (who I named Snoopy) and sans a circular polarizer in front of my camera. Mölle, Sweden. (2009).

And another(!) Grand Hotel snap, with lighthouse and skylight filter. Mölle, Sweden. (2009).

Kind of like San Francisco except, you know, more Swedish. Mölle, Sweden. (2009).

Houses by the sea. Mölle, Sweden. (2009).

Seawall tile mosaic. Höganäs, Sweden. (2009).

Here and There, by British sculptor Antony Gormley, on Kyrkplatsen in Höganäs, Sweden. (2009).

Look up. Höganäs, Sweden. (2009).

Apparently, a funny-looking, sunburnt penguin of some sort in the water. Höganäs, Sweden. (2009).

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