Thursday, July 23, 2009

dreamlives and legends

Little church in Arild, Sweden. (2009).

I'm on the bouncing yellow bus between Mölle and Höganäs when an SMS from Jonna chimes my mobile awake.

"You should try to visit Arild as well," the text says, "... Arild was the brother of Thora, you know, the girl on the moose."

I shake my head and smile. To me, the message is remarkable for two reasons. First, Jonna's been great about coming up with ideas regarding interesting places to visit during my Scanian summer travels, and this is yet another example. Second, and perhaps more importantly, I think her words are an obvious admission (confession?) that she, too, saw a moose when we were in Torekov!


Truth be told, I have little prior knowledge of Arild and am not quite sure what I expect to find there except, possibly, another moose. (One can only hope!) In any event, I have faith in my local guides, and when I get to Höganäs, I don't think twice about transferring onto an Arild-bound express. A half-an-hour later, I'm there.

Off the bus, my eyes widen to discover a dreamy artisan village seemingly tucked away in splendid isolation from the rest of the world. Between the green elevations of the Kullaberg and the craggy coastline of the aptly-named Skälderviken (that's Poet's Bay, in English), cheerful birds sing on scented, flowering trees in front of freshly painted, thatched-roof houses. It's sleepy here for sure, but this is incredible: Arild is straight out of a fairy tale.

Later, over ice cream (of course) down by the tiny harbour, I think to myself for just a second that maybe fantasy dreamlives and legends actually do exist, and here I am, living it for real.

Vintage Arild: thatched-roof house with flowers in front. (2009).

A view of Arild, Sweden. (2009).

Yellow bus stop. Arild, Sweden. (2009).

Sea, sky, rock ... sea, sky, rock ... sea, sky, rock. This photo is dedicated to a certain someone who has a keen eye for sea-sky-rock pictures. Östra Kullabergs Naturreservat, Sweden. (2009).

No line on the horizon behind the Kullen Lighthouse, the brightest lighthouse in Scandinavia. Kullaberg Peninsula, Sweden. (2009).

A manicured Kullaberg landscape (courtesy of the Mölle Golfklubb). Kullaberg Peninsula, Sweden. (2009).

Tiny Arild Harbour. (2009).


  1. Wonerful pictures and stories from Kullen, seemes like I have to go there myself again to see it with my own eyes!

    But just to clear things out, once and for all, Thora is NOT riding any moose! That is just a conspracy theory made up by a cofused tourist and his even more confused local guide!

    Concerning the text messenger I would say it was just the most pedagogic way of putting it so that the reciever really should understand who the poor girl Thora was...

    (And I would also want to say that I think that the more professional sea-sky-rock photographer captured more friendly rocks and calmer sea... ;))

  2. Thanks, "Anonymous", but I can't help but think ... Jonna, is that you? :)

    Well, if you go to Kullen, take me with you - please!

    Regarding Thora and the moose, I find it interesting that you mention, and I quote, "Thora is NOT riding any moose" but you don't actually say you never saw a moose. So does that mean you saw a moose? I think we all know you saw a moose.