Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the better half

By the light of the half-moon. Bjärred, Sweden. (2009).

Right Brain
A deafening thunderstorm crashes through complete with pouring rain, flashes of lightning, and ground-shaking thunder. I lay on my couch half listening to nature's display, half thinking of people that have come and gone. Where are they now? What are they doing? Will I ever see them again? Before long, I fall two-halves asleep.

When I awaken, the weather has cleared, though the air still weighs heavy with summer humidity. There's colour potential in the clouds; I instinctively head for the coast.

Left Brain
By the light of the half-moon, a line on the horizon bisects the tranquil, maritime scene at Bjärred in two, making one a mirror image of the other. In calendar context, perhaps this is only fitting. June 30 going on July 1, here we stand at the median divide of 2009, with six months gone and a half dozen more to go.

Oh, how time flies. I check my watch, then take out my camera and get to work.

A lonely boat. Bjärred, Sweden. (2009).

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