Friday, June 19, 2009

a midsummer night's dream

A midsummer night's dream. Lomma, Sweden. (2009). A 60-second exposure, the above photo was taken at 11:15pm, long after everyone else had left the beach.

On the night before Swedish midsummer, we seek the sea at the eleventh hour. While city lights twinkle in the distance, the sky's last magenta glimmers defiantly against the darkness of midnight. We sit in the sand and listen to the waves.

It's beautiful.

This is beautiful.


  1. The editor has re-read this post and is forced to ask: "Are you trying to get fired?? huh?!!" (^o^)

  2. Anonymous, you're clearly an imposter and not the editor. If Peanut didn't like this post, he wouldn't have published it! Huh? (^o^)