Wednesday, May 06, 2009

atlantic & pacific

Overlooking the Öresund. Malmö, Sweden. (May 2009).

Through a pinhole in the clouds, a tired beam of late afternoon sun slips through just enough to bounce softly off the jade-tinged sea. On account of gloomy weather, I see two oceans - but they're far apart at that. Really, with few words to write and even less to say, it looks like resolution for this sleepy spell of May will have to wait patiently for a later date.


  1. Cool photo. Was this taken by someone else or with a tripod? What are you using to get the color effects?

  2. Thanks. That's actually a shot of my brother, who's been visiting for the last week.

    I shoot all of my photographs in RAW, and then run them through Adobe LightRoom, which is my digital darkroom of choice. For this photo, I used the LightRoom "cold tone" pre-set, and then made some adjustments from there. In a nutshell, I basically opted for a colder white balance, exaggerated saturation for blues and purples while grossly de-saturating every other color, reduced contrast, slightly toned some of the highlights yellow, and added heavy vignetting to the corners (Olympus lenses don't vignette much so have to do it in post).

    Sounds like alot of work but really it's just moving a few sliders until I say to myself, "well, that looks about right."