Tuesday, May 12, 2009

another tuesday

To the horizon. Falsterbo, Sweden. (2009).

Tuesday, birthday, just another day: the calendar doesn't matter. From daybreak, solitude's the aim and I'm gone on the first train. Go south! says a voice and I do - to the Falsterbo Peninsula, far from familiar faces and the imminence of what lies ahead.

This side of the event horizon, there isn't enough time left, though maybe there never really is.

I walk along the sea, on the sand, under the sun. There never seems to be enough of this, either.

Lone tree. Falsterbo, Sweden. (2009).

One, two, three, beach huts. Falsterbo, Sweden. (2009).

Another beach hut. Falsterbo, Sweden. (2009).

Famous rodent beach hut. Falsterbo, Sweden. (2009).

Beach hut metropolis. Skanör, Sweden. (2009).

Look at that, more beach huts. Skanör, Sweden. (2009).

Harbourtown. Skanör, Sweden. (2009).


  1. Really beautiful photos (as always)! Makes me wanna go home to the cold and windy Swedish beaches right now! Hope you enjoyed your birthday! //Jonna

  2. Tack så mycket, Jonna! Falsterbo was nice to wander around in but I suppose it was no volcano lake.

    The birthday was actually very good, if quiet. Works for me.

  3. Excellent photos. I particularly like the Beach Hut Metropolis. From the colors, to the clouds, to the composition. Very cool.

  4. Somehow those colorful beach huts remind of those great Canadian out-houses in the wilderness, less gorgeous of course. Great photos.

  5. Blake ... Thanks. Skanör-Falsterbo is nice little slice of Sweden on a summery day.

    Zruiyin ... Thanks, also. Haha, some pastel-coloured paint could go a long way toward making those outhouses a little more cheerful back home.