Thursday, April 30, 2009

wild animal kingdom: cool, bears!

A very big bear. Also the editor's second cousin. Copenhagen, Denmark. (2009).

(Cue National Geographic theme music here).

Bears. Clearly, if you've spent any time around here at all, you know that the bear is starfish and waffles' favoured four-legged animal in the kingdom ... the wild animal kingdom!

Let's face facts, people: bears are some kind of awesome. They're cute. They're cuddly. They edit online magazines such as the one you're reading now.

Yet, in spite of the overwhelming opinion for bears, we've never devoted an entire post to species of the ursine kind.

That is, until today.

Last weekend, the editor dispatched me and an associate to the Copenhagen Zoo for a starfish and waffles exclusive investigation - on bears!

I'm pleased to report back that the Danish bears generally seem happy enough, though we'd like to strongly advocate roomier living conditions for the editor's fellow ursine friends ... they sure didn't much space to run about. In addition, we continue to champion the cause of providing more honey for the brown bears and definitely a lot more ice for the polar bears.

While we're filing our recommendations with the good people at the Copenhagen Zoo, please stand by and enjoy a few pictures - of bears!

A polar bear! (No relation to the editor). Copenhagen, Denmark. (2009).

Huggy bear. Copenhagen, Denmark. (2009).

Playful bear. Copenhagen, Denmark. (2009).

Hat bear. Copenhagen, Denmark. (2009).

Happy bear. Copenhagen, Denmark. (2009).

Dancing bears. Copenhagen, Denmark. (2009).

Say "ahhhh" bears. Copenhagen, Denmark. (2009).

Baby bear. Copenhagen, Denmark. (2009).

Annica bear. Copenhagen, Denmark. (2009).


  1. The polar bears also need more seals, by the look of things.

  2. Yup, I'm sure those bears would enjoy eating a little more meat. They looked kind of slim.

  3. Only on a Canadian blog would it be forgotten that Bears are routinely listed as the #1 threat to America on Stephen Colbert's Threatdown!

    Awesome bear pictures however. The polar bear appeared to be a very cooperative subject.

  4. Stephen Colbert's irrational bear-phobia troubles me and the editor. Bears only attack and eat people who deserve it.

    Regarding the Copenhagen Zoo, the polar bears were awesome!

  5. I love the bear pics! They made me smile.

    :) Zoe