Sunday, March 01, 2009

all hearts

Martin, Sarah, and Kajsa at the Helsingborg Love & Light Festival during Valentine's week. (2009).

Several long-time readers of starfish and waffles have questioned the distinct lack of reporting here lately about my travels to faraway locations. What can I say? In these challenging times, attention has been re-focused closer to home and, actually, this isn't a bad thing. Simplification enlightens lucid reflection. See the good. Appreciate the rare. A little less show, a bit more heart.

And heart, is befitting of Valentine's week. Substantial distance in the figurative if not necessarily the literal, we traverse 45 minutes up the Öresund coast to see Sarah and the Helsingborg Love & Light Festival.

On this coldest of winter nights, the lights shine, portending the imminence of even brighter days to come.

Helsingborg, Sweden. (2009).

More fodder for starfish and waffles' ursine agendas. Helsingborg, Sweden. (2009). The Swedish word for "polar bear" is "isbjörn", which is directly translated as "ice bear" in English.

The flagship light show of the festival is projected onto the medieval tower of Kärnan, in central Helsingborg. (2009). This photo is blurrier than I would've liked, as apparently I didn't have my wide angle lens properly mounted on my camera.

The night skyline of Helsingborg, Sweden. (2008).


  1. I love all the beautiful flowers (Lund), they are so colorful & unique!!

    Sounds like you really enjoy your new lens, wonderful!


  2. Thanks, lemonrice! Yes, the lens is nice.

  3. ...CHILLI CRAB!! YAAAAYYY!!! (^O^)