Thursday, December 04, 2008

three violets and a rose

Connie at the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. (2008).

The first time I was in the Swedish coastal city of Helsingborg, it was nothing more than a two-way pass-through. I was en route, with Connie, across the Öresund to Denmark and the Hamlet Castle of Helsingør. Later that night, we came back the same way. For all intents and purposes, it had been a fine day, like so many with Connie were.

That was almost six months ago, in the short space between midsummer and the moment she left. Onto greener pastures, Connie's in Hong Kong now. I haven't called. I'm not really sure why.

Sarah's invited us to take the train up to Helsingborg for Julskyltning, the first day of Advent. Sure, why not? I take almost any excuse to spend time with members of the Berliner crew since it always seems to be good company, good times.

For all intents and purposes, it's a fine day. A walk along the seashore. Late lunch at a cozy café. Huddling with the crowds to to watch the crowning of this year's Santa Lucia, the lighting of the city Christmas tree, the loud fireworks.

That night, at some point over warm glögg, crunchy pepparkakor, and laughter amongst new friends, I shake my head at the apparent randomness of it all. 'Tis the season. Surely, there's something to be said for second chances when so many others don't have any.

Sean and Kajsa on the boardwalk along the shoreline of Helsingborg, Sweden. (2008). Fun fact: Helsingborg is home to the international corporate headquarters of IKEA, your favourite Swedish flat-packed furniture store.

Sean, Kajsa, and Sarah on the boardwalk in aquatone colours. Helsingborg, Sweden. (2008).

Sepia tones of Helsingborg Harbour. (2008).

Kajsa. Helsingborg, Sweden. (2008).

Sarah. Helsingborg, Sweden. (2008).

Julskyltning fireworks over the medieval tower of Kärnan. Helsingborg, Sweden. (2008).

Sarah takes a shot of the newly lit Christmas tree with her cell phone. Helsingborg, Sweden. (2008).


  1. What happened to the third violet and the rose?? (^0^)

  2. Sorry, I guess the obscure references we like to make are a little too obscure in this post. But here's the explanation ...

    The title "Three Violets and a Rose" refers to the colours of the four Advent candles ... since I was in Helsingborg on the first Sunday of Advent. As you might already be aware, Advent commemorates two things: the birth of Christ and the Second Coming. To maintain consistency with this idea, the post is also divided into two parts, describing the only two times I've been to Helsingborg. Make sense?

    Well, what can I say ... the editor is very deep! (^o^)

  3. Yo, I love the photo of the fireworks ... Looks like a fun day.

  4. Thanks, Blake. It definitely was a good day ... as you know, having a local available to show you around always helps.