Friday, November 14, 2008

tilt / shift

After the rain in Marsaxlokk, Malta. (2008).

Tilt your head around my way, we'll see this to the end;
Because I can no longer fight you where
Our thoughts and words leave little spared
But karmas bruised and hearts despaired
With nothing to defend.

So waste no time, let's float away
These high-wield hatchets, divisive ways;
To far-off places around the globe
Where tempests fade and harbours save
Our faint-lit hopes for better days.

Shift your green eyes onto mine, just think what we'll discover here;
Soul and silence, Swedish summer,
Sleepless dreams for one another
Resurrected without cover,
Soaring through our stratosphere.

We'll share broad vistas, perfect views
Of horizons lost in shades of blue,
Sunbeamed flowers after rain,
These cool-cleansed skies speak truth again,
Memories wax and moments wane, through all the years I'll still love you.