Sunday, September 28, 2008

wild animal kingdom: chirp chirp

No mopeds allowed on the bike trails in my neighbourhood. Lund, Sweden. (2008). The colours of the broadleaf aspens are finally starting to turn in this last week of September.

(Cue National Geographic theme music here).

The other morning, I was busy working on a paper (read: surfing the internet), when I heard a loud thump on my living room picture window. (It sounded like this: "thump!") I thought for a second that maybe someone had thrown a baseball, but what had actually happened was that a bird had flown into my window.

I found the poor little guy was lying on his side, breathing heavily. When his eyelids sort of shuttered closed, I thought he was going to die.

I didn't know what to do and sort of just froze.

Then, after a few minutes, without warning, he opened his eyes and got up onto his feet. I asked him if he was ok. He didn't answer; he sort of just looked like he wanted to catch his breath. That seemed fair.

I reached for my camera and started taking a couple of snapshots from close range. The bird seemed fine with this. When I was satisfied I got the picture I wanted, he hopped away as if on cue, out of sight from the mean, prowling neighbourhood cats.

I hope he made it.

This poor Song Thrush (Turdus philomelos) inadvertently flew into my living room window. Lund, Sweden. (2008). A good sport, he agreed to stick around and pose for a few pictures before hopping off.

A file photo of my (apparently much too clean) living room picture window with a green view of the backyard. Lund, Sweden. (2008).


  1. Hey, love your blog. I am bloggin from lund to... check it out

  2. Thanks for stopping in, Stephanie.

  3. I understand the "just froze" bit. Dead birds scare me, but fascinate me at the same time. I think their images are eerie and haunting... and I always have to snap a picture. Hope your little guy made it!

  4. Soho, I hope he made it too ... he hit the window pretty hard, and I was surprised to see him get up.

  5. He looked like a Canadian Song thrush to me, you know the one with helmet on by law? See if you can find a tiny-teenee helmet outside your window.

  6. Nope, didn't see a helmet, but if he was wearing one, he might have gotten up quicker!