Monday, September 15, 2008

punch front, punch back

Do you remember when, once upon a time, My Simulated Reality TV Life - the world's most popular simulated reality series - used to air exclusively here on starfish and waffles? And do you also remember that third season we promised, which never came to fruition?

Well, we don't. And, in accordance with the advice of our legal counsel, we still don't. It must have all been a figment of your wild, crazy imagination. You should be ashamed of yourself! It's people like you who make Baby Jesus cry.

Felicia's teddy bear explains past relationships to Bridgette: "... and that's how I married my third wife. And second husband."


  1. Baby Jesus is crying right now b/c there is no new episode. Way to go. I am so disappointed. Time to turn to the bottle...

  2. What can I say? There have been a multitude of problems on the production set of My Simulated Reality TV Life. First, there was the Hollywood writers' strike. Then, there were contract problems with Bridgette and simulated Felix. Right now, the network is trying to decide whether or not to cancel the show and just send it into syndication ...