Monday, September 01, 2008

the fish fry

After the shortest long summer there ever was ... just like that, it became September. With a mind on all worth remembering, it's onto new fish to fry.

Thanks for continuing to log in, wherever you are.

Sunset at summer's end. Värpinge By, Sweden. (2008).

Those smiling Scandinavian girls. Annica ...

... and Josefine. Malmö, Sweden. (2008).

Literally half a lifetime ago, my high school basketball team got out of our bus in the middle of a December blizzard to pose for a picture with the world's largest Easter egg (or "pysanka", in Ukrainian), while en route to a tournament in Edmonton. The egg is exactly as how I remember it (sans the foot of snow at its base). Vegreville, Alberta, Canada. (2008).

Banff Train Station. Banff, Alberta, Canada. (2008).

Black-and-white Banff. (2008).

One more year of Lund, Sweden. (2008).


  1. Love those summer sunsets. Can't say
    they were more grandiose than Sakatoon's but pretty close. You can keep those cute ViQueens.

  2. Flat terrain and party cloudy skies often make for good sunsets in this part of Sweden ...