Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the beach

Cold drinks on a hot day ... a pop stand on the Paseo de La Concha does brisk business all afternoon. San Sebastián, Spain. (2008).

Sprawled along a spectacular stretch of coast along the Bay of Biscay, San Sebastián (Donostia, in Basque) is one of the most resplendent holiday destinations on the Atlantic Arc. Considered the must-visit jewel of Basque Country, the city buzzes during summer with its renowned jazz and international film festivals and, with local restaurants having been bestowed with no fewer than thirteen Michelin stars (second only to Paris), San Sebastián is a veritable galaxy of fine dining in, and of, itself.

But the real reason most decide to make the trip to San Sebastián in the first place is the beach ... and the urban sea, sand, and surf here are simply sensational. Have a look at a few snaps.

The vivid colours of the Bahía de La Concha. San Sebastián, Spain. (2008). In the distance, the Monument of the Sacred Heart watches over the city from atop Monte Urgull.

San Sebastián is home to three beaches along the Bay of Biscay. The Playa de La Concha - probably the most famous of the three - also is considered to be one of Europe's finest city beaches. (2008).

Sea and sand: the Playa de Ondarreta. San Sebastián, Spain. (2008). Monte Igeldo rises in the background, towering over the western entrance of the Bahía de La Concha.

Looking east along the crescent-shaped Playa de La Concha. San Sebastián, Spain. (2008).

A little beach volleyball at the Playa de Ondarreta. San Sebastián, Spain. (2008).

With a wicked lefthanded break, the waters off the Playa de la Zurriola are for the surfers. San Sebastián, Spain. (2008). Waves were very small on the afternoon I was there, but there were still plenty of surfers in the water.

Surfin' on a summer afternoon. San Sebastián, Spain. (2008).

Crash. San Sebastián, Spain. (2008).

San Sebastián's town hall. (2008).

Promenade along the Paseo de La Concha. San Sebastián, Spain. (2008).


  1. Coca-cola light? Trade mark infringement? I wonder Bud-light owns the soft drink giant now. Did you try it?

  2. It's a European thing. I actually wonder why we don't get on the bandwagon.

    Diet Coke to me screams: "Look at me, I'm fat! Look at the tiny sacrifice I am making! 6-pack here I come."

    Coke Light seems more of a: "Hey beautiful women, who's up for nude hot tubbing? I'll bring the Coke Light!"

  3. Yup, refer to bdoepker's response - that's pretty much it.

  4. Hey Felix,

    Are you on summer holidays? How are you paying for all of your travels? Can you pay for me to come along too? I haven't been on your site for a bit but it looks like you've been very busy.

    I loved San Sebastian. Beautiful place. I tried ordering a bocadillo mista(?) there and ended up getting a cheese sandwich.

    I am LOVING your pictures!!!

  5. Hi Donna! Yep, I suppose you could say I'm on summer holidays ... school doesn't start again until September and I've been using the opportunity to travel a bit. No doubt, it's been expensive though. I'm feeling pretty poor these days.

    That said, I have at least one more trip on the docket for this summer - to Canada. I'll inbox you if / when I'm in a neighbourhood near you.

    San Sebastián was amazing - it's exactly what a beach city should be. I kinda wish I had more time there ...