Saturday, June 21, 2008


Ciao, Bella: Connie at the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. (2008).

The urban crush of crowds and traffic wears thin when brief respite falls in the form of rare June rain. Footstepping it drenched along grimy streets, we lose ourselves somewhere off the edge of most tourist maps, not really knowing where we go from here.

Towering pillar of Western civilization, Rome needs no introduction. However, the Città Eterna (Eternal City) forever etches itself in memory not for all of its culture, history, and legends, but for the dynamic range of human emotion endlessly on display ... even when it's yours, and even when it's mine.

More from Italy to come.

Customary touristy shot of the Colosseum with Palatine Hill in the background. Rome, Italy. (2008).

A typical street scene in the inner city neighbourhood of Monti. Rome, Italy. (2008).

Even when hung from the ears, Pooh Bear takes a long time to dry in Rome's sweltering summer humidity. (2008).


  1. How come you didn't pack me in your suitcase?? I want to go!!!!

  2. Sophie: well, I'm doing more travel in July ... why don't you come with me?!

  3. By all means go with the editor ,Sophie, if you don't mind being hung by the ears on the clothes line like Pooh Bear.

  4. Runrui, please leave poor Sophie alone. Of course, the editor has a strict policy of not hanging his friends by the ears.