Thursday, April 10, 2008

three's a charm

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming (i.e., bombarding you with travel photos, pontificating about the glory of waffles, etc.) to bring you the following public service message ...

A mugshot of Peanut, who is best-known in online media circles as the fuzzy editor of the three-year old felix's daily starfish and waffles.

We're three years old today! Well, not me or the editor, but felix's daily starfish and waffles. For sure, when it all started on that fateful evening (haha) in 2005, it was under very different circumstances and I never imagined we'd get here today.

But here we are, and I'm actually pretty pleased with how this whole thing has kind of evolved. We've had some fun, shared some laughs, and met some good people along the way.

Who knows where we go from here ... but I do hope you're still here with us when the ride one day stops. And of course, thanks for being a part of it so far.

Ok, enough with the after-school special sentiment. Who wants to go out for a beer (or three)?


  1. Beers! Yes! You deserve to be toasted.

  2. Happy Birthday...a few drinks sounds like a plan...where should we go??? My vote...somewhere on this continent, can you make it?

  3. Hollllllllly cow. Three years? Blog, you be OLD.

  4. Amanda ... thanks. When are we going to go for beers?

    Soph ... thanks, also. are you home all summer? There's a small chance I'll be in Canada at some point ...

    Sohobutterfly ... yep, we've been online now for an e-eon ...