Tuesday, April 08, 2008

marooned on a desert isle

Directions to somewhere else ... but with water like this, why would you go anywhere? On the grounds of the Comino Hotel, which had not yet opened for the 2008 summer season. Comino, Malta. (2008).

Sometimes it doesn't really have to be any more than bright sun and turquoise water. Both are reputed to come in embarrassing abundance on Comino, Malta's third island. Works for me; I decide to go in for a closer look.

Bonus: it's still low season and the the tourist hoards haven't yet arrived. So besides the four people who call Comino home (which, interestingly, means that the island's population has exploded +33% since -c reported in late 2006), I more or less have this desert isle all to myself.

I spend the day chasing geckos with my camera and dipping my toes in the marvelous Med.


The ridiculously clear water of the Blue Lagoon. Comino, Malta. (2008). Gozo, Malta's second largest island, lies in the distance.

Azure waves crash against the Comino Caves. Comino, Malta. (2008).

A Maltese wall lizard (Podarcis fifolensis). These little guys were everywhere on Comino. (2008).

The beach, the Blue Lagoon, and the uninhabited islet of Cominotto. Comino, Malta. (2008).

Bright sun and turquoise water ... the signature of Comino, Malta. (2008).


  1. Glad to see my Felix back again! Enjoy your travels!!!

  2. Okay, seriously. You have to take me with you next time you decide to travel the world!!

  3. Donna ... Hi! It's good to hear from you, it's been awhile. We're going to have to catch up here sometime in the near future. PS- what kind of free agent contract is the ball team willing to offer me in 2009?

    Sohobutterfly ... Ok, done. Want to go to Spain tomorrow? (Kidding, kidding, I don't plan on doing any additional travel for the rest of the week, hehehe)

  4. I don't see too many pics of you practicing so I'm thinking the contract might be for a cool zero.

    Oh yeah, I folded the team this year. Zach's not old enough to fend for himself yet. Or maybe it's because you were gone...