Sunday, December 09, 2007

the domestic life

I do have to apologize for the string of truly uninspiring posts here lately. As I look through the starfish and waffles archives for this year, I suppose I've worn quite a bit of mileage on the tread ... and I'm tired. Because when it feels like life has been in play for an extended while without sight of peaceful equilibrium in the offing, it's simply exhausting.

But what to do except cast another line and keep on starfishin'? We'll see what 2008 brings.

Not sure how the above really introduces any the following photos - because it probably doesn't. Anyway, a few shots of people who are a part of my domestic life here in Sweden. By no means is this an exhaustive list.


Annica. Marc. Hanna.

Sébastien. Josefine. Marc.

Elinor. Stephanie.



  1. Nice to see some snaps of your everyday life (with lots of pretty ladies!). Hope 2008 is better for blogging... or else what would I read all day?

  2. Holy christ, DB! You're living in a musically-talented, non-plastic surgery-fied Playboy Mansion!

    I need to do some backreading of starfish to see how all of this transpired...


  3. Truly I love that black and white rendition of your domestic (sojourn in the land of Vikings?) life except that you're not in the picture. I believe in my humble opinion, were it a colour shot it would not have achieved the kind of artistic effect that might convey the aniticity one would expect. I love it.

  4. Sohobutterfly ... all of this busyness as of late is really messing with regular blogging, much to the dismay of the editor. I don't even have time to take any snaps of everyday life anymore. But yes, there are lots of pretty ladies!

    Long Division ... HI LD!!! Starfish and Waffles hasn't been the same since you left - guess what, we're Swedish, now! As for the living situation, well yes, it could've turned out worse. ;-)

    Zhu Ruiyin ... thank you. Actually, I'm not sure I really like the monotone picture that much ... even though I shot it at ISO 1600, it seems more noisy than it should be. I can't wait to get a faster prime in front of my camera.