Monday, November 05, 2007

the streets of urbanity

There's something about these city streets. Gritty, faceless, bold, and stirring, the gamut of urbanity is alive with mood and emotion. Everyone has a story, a purpose. Take notice and, for a fraction of a second, see the world through another's eyes.

These are the streets of Stockholm as I perceived it ... no more, no less.

Coming ... or going? As Halloween day fades into Halloween night, faceless souls wander to and fro on Österlånggatan in Stockholm's Gamla Stan (Old Town) district.

"No one here really knows what Halloween is," says my Swedish friend Ebba. Indeed. This rather happy Kasper looking over the high-end shopping street of Drottninggatan is the only hint of Halloween I can find in Stockholm. I find it interesting that only one other person besides us stops to notice.

It's raining on Stortorget (Main Square) but no one seems to care. They must all be tourists.

Early in the afternoon, Trångsund is uncharacteristically quiet. Storkyrkan (the State Cathedral) towers in the background.

Soldiers march during the changing of the guard outside Kungliga Slottet, the King's palace.

All's quiet on Sergels Torg, late on a Sunday night. Stockholm's Kulturehuset (Cultural Centre) stands half-lit in the background.