Saturday, November 24, 2007

a simulated teaser

The editor's been getting a lot of complaints about the general gloominess of starfish and waffles lately, and he threatened to bite my arm if I didn't shape up. Fair enough. Well, as long as we've been online, there has been no better way to lighten the mood than with a snippet featuring Felicia's teddy bear, the most popular character of My Simulated Reality TV Life. Consider the following a little teaser of the upcoming new season.

Felicia's teddy bear explains the outcome of the court case to simulated Felix: "Three counts of theft, four counts of larceny, and six counts of breaking and entering ... acquitted, on all charges. Unbelievable! If I cross paths with that little bitch Goldilocks again, I will end her."


  1. Yes, Yes! I was just thinking with this "writers" strike in the states that my life was going to be dull with a capital "D"! But hey, now my favorite show is right back where it should be!

  2. Now that's the felix's daily starfish and waffles I signed up for! :)

  3. the sun is coming up!!!!

  4. m ... Happy to hear that you loyal fans are excited about the upcoming season.

    Rebecca ... That's right! :-)

    Sophie ... Yep, it just might be. :-)