Friday, November 09, 2007

adventures in capitalism: it's a dingobear market

We were quite pleased when we got the nod from Alamy quality control last month, as this represented our inaugural toehold in the world of commercial stock photography. However, as excited as we are about growing with that particular opportunity, starfish and waffles has always been about everyday people (and everyday bears) ... and we're fully aware that not everyone out there is looking for photos for a national billboard campaign or the glossy magazine they edit.

The business-savvy editor and CEO of felix's daily starfish and waffles looks over a few financial projections for our new online store over at Red Bubble.

As such, we've been looking at ways of bringing our brand of original dingobear photography to a wider audience. And, after a bit of business development work, we're happy to announce that we've come up with something ... yes, that's right, today you're officially invited to the launch and grand opening of the starfish and waffles online store!

Established in conjunction with Red Bubble, an emerging Australian-based online art community, our little boutique is a place where you can browse some of the best photographic work we've posted here on starfish and waffles in the past. If interested, greeting cards and a variety of laminated, mounted, and framed prints are available for purchase ... prices, before shipping, start at US$3.33 for cards and US$19.99 for prints. Of course, we're still in the preliminary stages of stocking content so if you have any requests, just let us know. Yay!

Which way to the store, you ask? Click here or, the permanent link we have on the left side of this page.

Ok, thanks for letting us indulge in this shameless little sales pitch. Hope all's well with you, wherever you are.


  1. Congrats Felix! How incredibly exciting to have your own store. I can't wait until you're famous and I can say I know you.

  2. Thanks, Cori. But I thought I was already famous?! (haha, kidding)