Saturday, November 03, 2007

180 degrees of freedom

Travelling in the offseason has become force of habit, and having to occasionally endure inclement weather is the trade-off for avoiding the tourist hoards. This is an exchange I'll take any day of the week, but it's been raining non-stop since we arrived in Stockholm, and the damp, icy cold is starting to wear.

The deliciously bohemian and trendy island of Södermalm, as seen from Skeppsholmen, smack in the middle of urban Stockholm. (2007).

Then, a reprieve: by late afternoon of Day Two, the heavens turn off and the clouds break. I head for downtown, settling on the western shore of the tiny urban island of Skeppsholmen, and look across the water at central Stockholm, Gamla Stan, and Södermalm, waiting patiently for some semblance of colour to reappear.

Eventually, it does. But for some strange reason inexplicable except perhaps for the mind-warping wind, my head isn't on the cityscapes in front of me, but instead Kay Hanley's shifty eyes in the music video for Letters to Cleo's Here and Now. Really. Weird, I know, but I never promised you I wasn't, see.

By now, Stockholm is aglow in sky and streetlights. I start shooting, and here's a small sample of the results ... a 180 degree and shifty-eyed view of Stockholm as I happen to see it as this particular moment in time. Or here and now, as it were.

Turning your head a little to the right, we have Södermalm on the left, and a corner of Gamla Stan (Old Town) on the right. (2007).

Further right still, a pink sunset over Gamla Stan, a little earlier on in the evening. (2007).

And cranking your neck all the way to the right, reveals Norrmalm, which is where the modern downtown of Stockholm resides. (2007).


  1. What I love about your photos is they completely capture the moments that so many people take for granted. And they are always breath taking. :)

  2. Thanks, Michelle! Sometimes the most basic scenes make the most interesting snapshots, I think.