Wednesday, October 03, 2007

go pattern

Lagom. This Swedish word has no real English equivalent, but roughly means "in balance" or "moderate." Actually, lagom is less a word and more a philosophy. Being balanced and avoiding extremes are considered best ... now this, is very Swedish.

Well, there's nothing lagom about the famous editor of felix's daily starfish and waffles. He's just 100% superstar.

Experience from past moves suggests there's a six week rule in effect. At six weeks, the honeymoon's over, you begin to miss the familiar, and issues temporarily tinted by the rose of your glasses start to reappear. But this is fine because this is normal. And the Swedish me isn't immune.

A few things are simmering below the surface, but that's beyond the scope of this post. More immediate (and, admittedly, more superficial): the other night, my photo management software decided to eat all of the pictures I'd snapped in the last two years, about 20 gigabytes worth. I had 3 gigabytes backed up. Maybe.

Another time, this would've almost certainly bothered me much more. But in the Swedish spirit of things, what's done is done, and there's no sense in getting overly excited about what can't be changed.

Reflect, retrench, and rebuild.

Tomorrow, the Scandinavian adventure continues in lagom. Next stop: Bergen.

See you in a few days.

Another generic sunset shot from the Spoletorp rooftop, with the Öresund in the distance.


  1. Well, all I wanted to say is I got to snatch this picture for my desktop. It is simply splendid.

  2. Oh DB, I'm sorry about the photo munch. But all may not be lost. A friend had iPhoto crash recently, but the images were, in fact, accessible through other programs.

    Find a Mac guru, buy a few cases of beer and see what happens.

    You also might want to think about an external hard drive and the best program ever, called Superduper. It creates a bootable clone of your machine. Seriously. So if your iBook goobers up, you can plug in your firewire drive to another Mac and it's ALL there, right down to preferences, address books, bad wallpaper and viruses.

    My Mac guru – who drinks wine, not beer: a rarity – recommends partitioning the external hard drive, so you can use spare room for other stuff.

    Not that we'd ever transfer music. That would be wrong, WRONG I say

    Good luck, Ax.

    PS: I LOVED Bergen. Hope you do too.

  3. Terribly sorry about your loss of photos. I think this is a case in which it's ok to play it lagom in public, but when you get home, you can put on a pair of diapers and cry yourself to sleep.

  4. I think a new "I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC" commercial is in order.

    But, uh you know, in "reverse".

  5. Fetch yourself a thumb drive and store all those nice picture in it. It is much easier to reinstall your iPhoto. How did iPhoto gobble up all your pic†ures is beyond me. Are you sure you didn't accidentally move your file †o another folder? Here is a suggestion: If you don't have a habit of writing all your precious collection to a removable media, try to create a separate folder outside iPhoto default folder, say on your desktop and after finishing each session with your iPhoto, make it a habit to go to the menu under share and export your collection to the folder you have created on your desktop. You'll never lose your precious collection again unless the whole MacBook crashes. I would still use a thumb drive. It is small and convenient. Forget about what team shawn michaels said, use Linux Ubuntu instead.

  6. Zhu Ruiyin ... you downloaded the picture for your desktop? We want royalties!

    Amanda ... Thanks so much for the helpful tips - I'm definitely going to look into an external drive + Superduper. I wasn't using iPhoto - but rather Apple Aperture on minimum suggested specs. Bad move. Also, I think it's late to salvage much: apparently, a Mac OS X Tiger cardinal sin when you need something recovered is to continue using the computer before launching a salvage opp - which is exactly what I did. Live and learn. The good news: Bergen was GREAT ... and I managed to shoot up 4 gigs of photos. Let the recovery begin ;)

    -c ... thanks for the support. I guess the good news is that the vast majority of the photos I lost were older ones that were kind of junk anyway. Oh well ...

    TSM ... My Mac only crashes when using Aperture, the stupid program. No more - I've switched to Adobe Lightroom.

    Zhu ... I wasn't using iPhoto - I was using Aperture and it's "artificial intelligence" file management structure. I guess I was growing tired of Apple Aperture's third-rate RAW support for cameras other than Nikons or Canons anyway, and this was the last straw ... I'm using Lightroom now, which is the program I should have bought in the first place. Full Olympus E-410 RAW support. Shot everything in Norway in RAW. Finally.

  7. I'm always apprehensive towards thing like artificial intelligence file structure and always wonder CIA has a piece with it. About royalty, it is forth-coming. I'm no thief! What's your Swedish Bank account number again?

  8. Superduper rocks 'cause it backs everything up, regardless of what idiot program one has stored files in...

    But a pro-photog friend just dressed me down for not storing to removable media OFF-SITE (fires are not the artist's friend, after all). "GIVE ME THAT BOOTABLE DRIVE, I WILL BURN DVDS," he hissed.

    Who am I to argue, especially since I have a bottle of passable Spanish red here waiting?

  9. Passable wine makes everything better.

    Ok, so I guess that didn't make a whole lot of sense in the context of your argument but hey, I thought it sounded good.