Wednesday, October 10, 2007

day for night

Bergen, Norway. It's always been near the top of my European hitlist, but when the opportunity presented itself a couple of weeks ago, the decision still came down to another whim. Seems as if this is how most things unfold for me these days, though I'm disinclined to fully acknowledge this, for fear of being typecast into a never-ending journeyman's role. At some point, the vibrance of clarity should reappear. Right?

But the time isn't now ... and so be it and its attendant perspective. Where one trades day for night, the sun might not shine but at least the stars do.

More from Bergen and the western fjord region of Norway to follow.

Sunrise over Bryggen, Bergen's pretty historical waterfront and listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. (2007). This is a standard shot that I imagine most people who visit Bergen get, and I wasn't about to leave without mine.

I don't think very many people look for this angle. (2007). It's an after sunset shot of the "ugly" side of Vågen (the main harbour), opposite the sloped wooden buildings of Bryggen. Which of the two photographs do you like better?


  1. Wow. That second shot is absolutely beautiful. I may say that a lot, but this time, I really, REALLY mean it! The color and form balance in the composition is great. I can almost feel the breeze. Thanks, dingobear!

  2. ... the second picture is amazing... mostly because it's one of this few pictures that really save the charm of the moment, as we keep it in our memories...

  3. The water in the 1st one is pink! :)

  4. -c ... thanks for your comments! I think that second picture is the first I've taken since I've come to Europe that I'm pretty well completely happy with. Got lucky, I guess. :-)

    k ... thanks, I like it too! Bergen was a fantastic place, you really have to go ...

    Katie ... that's your color, right? There were some nice colors in the sky at that brief moment, and I guess the water was just reflecting that.

  5. The second shot is really extraordinary Choo, the way you have captured the sky with the lights is fantastic. Choo I think you have found your calling in life...time to answer it!!!!

  6. Definitely the night shot! It's amazing. I'm enjoying all your pictures!

  7. Sophie ... thanks! Now if only I could get somebody to pay me big dollars for my photos so I could quit my day job ... hey, are you coming to Europe anytime soon, or what?

    Sohobutterfly ... thanks, mystery stranger! I like the night shot, too.