Tuesday, October 16, 2007

blame it on the rain

"You know it rains in Bergen like 300 days a year, right?"

"Bring an umbrella."

"Don't forget your raincoat!"

Autumn colours shimmer in and around one of the small hamlets that dot the banks of Nærøyfjorden, one of Norway's most visually stunning fjords. (2007). This one was taken from the back of the Gudvangen to Flåm ferry.

Well, yes. I get it. Bergen is a rainy place. Factoid: earlier in 2007, Bergen broke its own Norwegian record by having rain fall down on 85(!) consecutive days. Also interesting: October is statistically Bergen's rainiest month.

Be that as it may, I'm unfazed. A belief in mean reversion is a holdover from my investment management days and, after 85 straight days of rain, Bergen's due for some sun. You can take that to the bank!

My first morning in Bergen, I wake up to brilliant sunshine. Naturally, knowing what I know, I take the first train out of town and make a beeline straight for the fjords.

Well come on, Norway's famous fjords are one of the main reasons why I'm here!

About to board the Myrdal train from Bergen Central Station on a sunny morning. (2007).

Towering peaks leave the the village of Gudvangen (population: 100) in the shadows at the head of Nærøyfjorden. (2007).

A viking rowboat floats upon the calm waters of Nærøyfjorden some 200 kilometres (125 miles) from the Atlantic coast. (2007).

Ferrying through Nærøyfjorden, en route to Aurlandsfjorden. (2007).

The impressive resort of Flåm sits on the innermost reaches of Aurlandsfjorden. (2007). Although only 400 people live in Flåm, the village welcomes over a half million visitors each year.

Looking out onto Aurlandsfjorden - where the water is like glass - from Flåm. (2007).

Attracting foreign salmon-fishing enthusiasts since the 19th century, the Flåmselva River empties into Aurlandsfjorden at Flåm. (2007).


  1. Gorgeous pics! I'm so envious. I wish I could travel in your backpack Felix.

  2. Now are you sure you got the spelling right on all those fabulous places you are visiting?

  3. Beauty captured.


  4. I for one enjoy the rain. And as always your photos are completely fantastic.

  5. Cori ... thanks, if you ever get the chance, definitely come to northern Europe.

    Donna ... haha, no, but luckily the editor is quite good with such minutiae.

    M ... thanks!

    Zoe ... I'm happy you think so.

    Katie ... thank you, and actually, I don't really mind the rain either. I lived four years in (rainy) Atlantic Canada and never once owned an umbrella!