Tuesday, September 25, 2007


It's past 2am. I really should be writing a paper, but instead I'm bouncing snapshots of me and the editor off my sixth-story, dorm room window. From day one, starfish and waffles has been about your picture window to my strange world. 137 posts later, it's become literally true.

Your picture window to my strange world.


  1. You need to get to Burma, stat, and document the attrocities!

    Political activism at it's best.

    Okay, this "tangent from the actual post" is over.

  2. 137 posts, wow! Congratulations. I've read every one of them, and I'm still uber-excited every time I get a new view through the window.

    And, I'll race you to Burma!

  3. world domination is just around the corner

  4. TSM ... The brutal crackdown occurring is terrible, believe me, if starfish and waffles had an Asian office, we could be there with pen, paper and camera in tow. Off topic: update me with what's going on in the West Division of the CFL!

    -c ... Thanks -c, and nobody's happier than me that you've been a part of starfish and waffles since pretty much the beginning. As for Burma, you just tell me when the starting gun fires!

    Schmoffie ... Mmmm? Thanks!

    Katie ... You bet is it! ;-)