Monday, September 10, 2007


Orientalism. Eurocentrism. Post-colonialism. Subaltern theory. Apparently, these are all things I should be studying right now. Really.

Dear God, what have I gotten myself into? While I ponder dropping out, please enjoy a few more Sweden photos.

Chasing modern windmills at sunset near Lund, Sweden. (2007). According to my Swedish roommate, at least 30% of the electricity in these parts is generated by wind power.

Sugarbeet farm near Lund, Sweden. (2007). The southern Skåne region of Sweden is sugar country, supplying about three-quarters of the sweet stuff consumed in Scandinavia.

Volkswagen, wind turbine, sugarbeet field. (2007). To me, this seems very Europe.


  1. We need pictures of your room mates. 'Nuff said.

  2. Drop out? Drop out? I knew it .... you're just there to travel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  3. The first photo captures the wind movement. I love it.

    Maybe photography is your true calling?


  4. They are really lovely photos... but don't give up. Don't drop out. You can do it! I have faith in you.

  5. What great subjects to be studying!

    Ah yes- Eurocentrism... now, isn't that the belief that all pepperoni pizza slices and baby bunnyfoot good luck key chains orbit Europe in an eliptical pattern? Dingobear, you are extremely lucky to be studying such subjects in Sweden at this time. Did you know that Copernicus was accused of rabbitfoot heresy by the Church?

    Keep rockin' and bringing us the awesome photos and musings!

  6. No! Don't drop out! But, maybe a change of majors might be in order? Um, maybe photography?

  7. TSM: Hmmm ...

    M: Shhh, not so loud!

    Zoe: I like that photo, too. Kind of wish I had a tripod with me though. Who knows? Maybe someday I can go pro with the photography ... well, I can dream, anyway.

    Katie: Thanks! And don't worry, I'm not likely to drop out. Besides, they make it difficult for you to not pass here. If you fail a final exam, you have the right to request multiple re-writes until you pass - apparently, it's the Swedish way.

    -c: I have to admit, the reason I'm struggling so much with the study of Eurocentrism is because it clashes with my personal belief that the universe revolves around me! But yes, despite my struggles in school, I definitely am appreciative of the fact that I have the opportunity to study these topics in Sweden, at this time. Stay tuned - there'll be many more posts to come!

    Rebecca: Believe me, if I could con somebody around here into letting transfer into photography, I'd be there in a second!

  8. Well at least they won't let you give up. Wish they did that here.