Thursday, September 06, 2007

coriolis spin

Three weeks into my Scandinavian adventure, I'm surprised that many of the surprises I was expecting have been, altogether, so unsurprising. I suppose this should probably be comforting, but it's not.

Maybe waiting for the other shoe to drop has become some sort of chronic affliction?

Sea therapy in Lomma, Sweden ... on the straits where the North and Baltic Seas meet. (2007). There's nothing quite like the smell of the saline air and the rhythmic sound of the crashing waves to soothe the soul.

Or maybe, the process of unwinding and reloading just takes time. So whether you're on the periphery or in the middle of it all, the path is what it is, no matter how it looks from where you're standing.

And outside, the world keeps on spinning.

It's a long walk back to the beach from the end of the pier at Lomma. (2007).


  1. don't wait for the other shoe to drop. just breathe and enjoy :)

  2. Being a expat sucks the "exotic" out of any country ... it's a shame you haven't got the "honeymoon high," though. But maybe you'll learn more about Sweden this way, without all the dazzle?

  3. Maybe you're right, Amanda. Sometimes I wonder: what's wrong with me? I'm in Sweden!