Tuesday, August 07, 2007

bittersweet me

It's moving day. For me, going through old accumulation churns uneasiness. I think it's a product of being reminded one last time of events and circumstances long since forgotten, before such memories are finally lapsed for good. And with each item that's packed or tossed aside, the soul of a place - a home - fades a little, until once and for all, it disappears.

So for this stop, this is it. Thanks to those who made a difference; you'll be sorely missed. I'm sorry things didn't work out better. But maybe next time.

Like so many boxes of Caramel Apple Sugar Crisp, our stay in Edmonton proved to be for a limited time only.

Moving day. (2007). Me and the editor, looking out the window from my apartment living room one last time.


  1. Sniff, sniff... I hope our paths will meet again. Whether it was lunch, slopitch games or taking a break from work, it was a pleasure.

    Take care of yourself and keep us updated. I will live vicariously through your stories (not the ones involving Swedish girls though).

  2. Happy travels my friend!!

    Wishing you a safe and prosperous journey.

  3. I always loved to move. New people, new places, new things. I liked being able to leave the old me behind and start again as someone new. Being reborn.

    Happy Rebirth Dingobear! Don't forget that just because you are moving you can't update your blog. I'll keep checking. :)

  4. Yeah! The time has come! May you be happy, joyous and fruitful!

    Now hurry up and post about your new home.

  5. Yeah, and get to know said home, since I need a correspondent there, eh?

    More importantly, don't forget to keep journals. Sometimes the hardest times produce the best writing...

    Settle in safe, Ax.

  6. Donna ... take care of yourself, too. I'm sure at some point, our paths will cross again. At least they'd better!

    Brian ... thanks, buddy!

    Katie ... thanks for the wishes and, of course, for continuing to check in from time to time. (You make the editor very happy). :-)

    -c ... thank you very much! I will post about my new stomping grounds as soon as I get there in a week's time (had to make a little detour before leaving the continent).

    Amanda ... thank you, that's good advice (as usual). And as soon as you need a Viking correspondent (complete with horned Viking hat!), you just let me know.

  7. hello, hello. I just wanted to let you know that I had to delete my old blog due to unwanted sexual comments. i've started a new one and I've added you and the photo page to my blogroll.

    I visit often... I just don't always comment. :)

  8. Hi Katie, I think it's terrible that you terrible you had to delete your blog because of some stupid freaks on the internet.

    But thanks for letting me know about your new blog ... rest assured, the links from starfish and waffles and dingobear photography will be promptly updated!


  9. Choo, it's never too late to change your mind!!! Haha just joking although I really do wish you could take Edmonton with you to Sweden. Hey if it doesn't work out there...you can always come and join me in Nuuk.

  10. Sophie, you Greenlanders are gold, solid gold. How's the landscaping coming at your new igloo? Any more commotion coming from that crack igloo across the street?

  11. So long my friend. I am sure to run into you again - after all, I hold your furniture hostage!
    WA HAHAHA!!!

    Be sure to use that Canadian charm on those ladies. If that doesn't work, try shaving.

  12. Hey Mandy, hope my furniture is treating you well. Haha, good advice - as we both know, shaving is always a failsafe approach. :-)