Sunday, June 03, 2007

booked ...

is a one-way ticket to Lund, Sweden, via Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle, and Copenhagen. The puddle-jumping student fare is just one more step along the way as I continue my transition from working professional to poor adventurer. Exciting stuff, don't you think?

Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport will be one of my stops en route to Lund. I took this photo last May, just before I hopped onto the Icelandair plane pictured above to come home to North America. This year, I'll be headed in the opposite direction.


  1. Absolutely exciting stuff!! I'm actually a bit jealous.

    But I'm getting a little nervous. Can we have it written in the editor's blood that you will be continuing to blog and that we will not lose you to a demanding life of hot Scandanavian sex?

  2. Good for you! A whole new adventure ... ha, ha, ha ... good cover there ... "going to school" ... hmmm .... i sense a travel bug in there somewhere!

  3. -c ... I assure you, starfish and waffles and dingobear photography will continue to roll on unimpeded, regardless of the demands of my extra-curricular Scandinavian activities! The editor is curious: what are the odds of our respected, platypus-loving colleague making it to northern Europe over the next couple of years?

    ;) ... hehe, well, I think it's fair to say my move to Europe isn't going to be only about school ... after all, life should be all about balance!

  4. Are you in Seattle long enough for a cocktail? I also have a spare room, if need be. Countless travel writing semi-strangers have kipped there: you're welcome too... AC

  5. We'll miss your smiling face in Terrace. I'm getting choked up...

  6. I actually have no doubt that the editor can continue to perform his duties while simultaneously indulging in recreation. I only hope that will will be allowed a glimpse as well:)

    And, yes, high odds of my being in northern Europe in the near future, especially with RyanAir, etc. See you soon!

    PLUS, I echo Amanda's sentiment: If you're in Seattle for long enough to have a coctail, a microbrew or, inshallah, a coffee...

  7. Amanda ... thanks very much for your kind offer, I'm in Seattle (or Sea-Tac, I guess) for a layover of about four hours on the 19th of August. It sure would be great to meet up!

    Katie ... :)

    Anonymous ... There's definitely things about here I'll miss too ... just out of curiosity, who am I talking to?

    -c ... and of course, I would never pass up an opportunity to spend some time with the legendary -c! Like I mentioned above, I've got four hours to kill at Sea-Tac. Also, very cool that there's going to be a good chance you'll be in northern Europe over the next little while - me and the editor are very excited about the prospect!

  8. Sorry - I should have made a comment about slopitch contracts but I thought I would let you wonder for awhile. I expect updates on how things are in Sweden and if you get your butt kicked after your first IKEA joke.

  9. Ahhhh, D, I thought it was you - very sneaky ... just like you were during our last round of contract negotiations. :-) Well, of course, you will definitely be getting regular updates of Sweden. Now where did I park my Volvo?