Saturday, May 12, 2007

hey saturday sun

In the narrow alleyways of Stockholm's Gamla Stan, the rising Saturday sun is just around the corner. (2005). This year, there are no cupcakes, as I turn 29.


  1. This is my favorite photo of yours yet. I just love this one. PERFECT!

  2. Yes, great photo!

    More importantly, though, happy one-year-closer-to-being-fertilizer to you! I hope you had a wonderful b-day, even without the cupcakes. Had I known, I would have baked you up a cake (minus the platypus, of course). How many candles would I have needed again?

  3. Katie ... Thanks! You know, I didn't initially think this one was anything special but when looking through my archives the other day, I thought maybe it would look good against the navy blue background of starfish and waffles.

    -c ... Thanks, also! The b'day was good, but pretty low profile. Could've used some cupcakes though. :) I'm now 29(!) and feelin' old. I'm only one year away from being a senior citizen! (Hehe, just kidding, my valued 30+ demographic).

  4. If there is something in this world that could be more than perfect, this is it. I have had a similar image registered in my mind since my childhood. A back lane in my home town, Ipoh, Malaysia which is perhaps twice as wide would let you gaze at the glory of the setting sun almost every single day before dark. It is simply a beauty. Great work deserves recognition.

  5. Sharad ... thank you ... and thanks for stopping in!

    Rebecca ... thanks!

    dingolar .... yes, some of life's best photo ops show up where you least expect it. I had actually rescued this picture from the archives from my trip to Stockholm in 2005 ... initially, I didn't think this photo was anything special but it seems to work well against the navy blue background of starfish and waffles.