Sunday, May 20, 2007

freehand circles

When I was a kid, I would try to draw crayon circles freehand, only to get frustrated when they inevitably turned out crooked.

The editor says: "Shoot Oly." (2007). While my bank account pays the price, starfish and waffles should benefit from my new camera ... and the long-neglected dingobear photography, doubly-so.

Through the quiet of this May long weekend, I've had extended time to think and, for me, that's never a good sign. Reflecting on my last 5+ years in Edmonton, I see now that I'm about to close another imperfect circle ... and it's not a good feeling. At some point here, I'm going to start running out of crayon.

To make myself feel better, I ran out and bought a brand new camera.

I feel better.

One of the first pictures from my new Olympus E-410. (2007). The African violets in the photo above have bloomed for me nine months a year for five years, which is nothing short of a miracle since I'm usually a death knell for houseplants.


  1. DANDELION!!!!!!! (^o^)

  2. Say, did Olympus Corporation pay you royalty for this shot? If there is condensation on the camera LCD screen, you should know who is the culpit.

  3. Kneeputt ... SUNFLOWER!!! (^o^)

    Zhu Ruiyin ... haha, no, Olympus didn't pay me any royalties for posting this shot - though, that would be nice. And don't worry, I trust the editor with all of my photographic equipment.

  4. wow. that is a lovely photo. the flower seems to glow! beautiful Dingobear!

    we all have imperfect circles... life is like that. But just because things might be a little wobbly around the edges doesn't mean we can't still enjoy it. :)

    fantastic camera! I'm jealous! :)

  5. Actually, dingobear, I'm astounded that you're having trouble drawing a perfect circle. Afterall, this guy can do it:

    What with space and time muddling everything up, I think crayola might be a hard medium for anyone attempting this... Symmetry is boring anyway. I'm excited for you as you prepare for your next adventure. And, by the way, wicked camera, dude!

  6. Katie ... thank you! I think my new camera should be able to produce some pretty good pics ... as soon as I figure out how to use it. And regarding your comment about the circles, you're right ... it's just that sometimes I forget ...

    -c ... I have to admit that guy in the YouTube video drew a pretty good circle, but the question is: can he do that with crayon? Until he proves he can, I think it's a little presumptuous of him to call himself the world champion. And thanks, -c! I'm obviously excited, too, about moving across the pond but it's also a bit scary. Seems like, for me, these types of moves get harder and harder as I get older and more decrepit ...